Andrea Debernardi

Full stack web developer

After taking my first steps into the MS-DOS environment thanks to dad’s help, I soon started to explore the world of colours and windows. Driven by an unquenchable curiosity, I quickly learned all the things that now – together with some more knowledge and maturity – represent my profession. But in this field knowledge is never enough, and there is no limit to my curiosity: therefore, I always keep my skills up to date and continuously look for new and more efficient tools. I like to engage in new challenges, I hate to waste time and I love traveling, music, movies and quality food.


Frontend Development

In recent years, I built strong skills in Single Page Application development, mainly with Angular and React. I continue to use JQuery for legacy projects or contexts where it is required (e.g. WordPress).

React.JSAngularjQueryNextJSTailwind CSS

Backend Development

I started my working career as a PHP developer and still actively work on it, but I prefer something else. For example, I love Python.️

PHPMySQLPostgreSQLNode.JSSlim FrameworkLaravelPython

Ecommerce / CMS Development

In the past I have worked a lot with CMS and Ecommerce platforms. I have developed solutions for small and large companies.



By now to develop on the Web these tools are needed and so I don't miss them.



I am proud to have turned my passion for IT into my job. I am active in many project, some I follow alone, others in teams. My activities can be divided into three categories: Web Agency, Consulting, Open Source Development.


Web agency

Co-founder / developer

Founded in 2016 in Varazze together with a dear friend, it is a liquid web agency of which several professionals are part. We develop digital solutions for businesses, websites and ecommerce integrations.


IT Consultant / Digital Craftsman

For several years I have been personally involved in technical consulting for small/medium-sized companies, software development and maintenance of Ecommerce and information systems.

Open source development

Creator / Developer

Occasionally I get some free time, I try to invest it by developing something new and most of the time I publish my side-projects in opensource so that it can be used/refined by others. I also try to contribute to some external projects if possible.


A few customers who chose me.

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Acquario di Genova
TelecityNews 24
Nino Sanremo
Palazzo Te
Camoscio d'oro
Prato Nevoso
Juicy Life

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